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Otaru is an amazing city! If you love food, especially seafood, go to Otaru! It’s only about half an hour away from Sapporo by train, and there’s plenty to do!

When we went there, we simply expected to eat some (AMAZING) sushi and check out some music boxes, but there was so much more! Don’t get me wrong, though. The sushi alone is worth the trip. Especially if you eat sushi a lot. We could already tell a difference between the sushi in Obihiro and America when we got here. But the difference between the the sushi in Otaru and Obihiro was just amazing. Otaru is right on the coast, so it is famous for its very fresh fish. Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of any of our sushi. (o.O)

The things that blew us away the most were the street vendors. There is one street in particular that is full of souvenir  shops and street vendors. There were two street vendors in particular that sold fresh fish that you could have grilled right on the spot. There were crabs, scallops, prawns, mussels, oysters, and squid! They also sold various giant crabs and other fresh seafood that you could bring home with you.

We had the squid (shown above) and it was SO good. It was really cool to watch the guy prepare it and grill it. 

We really really really love Otaru.

New Years feast!

On top of the traditional soba, it’s normal to have sashimi and other nice foods!

Obihiro Shrine on New Year’s Day!

On New Year’s Day, everyone goes to the shrine to pray. You can also buy various charms and write your wishes for the new year.

We drew omikuji (fortunes) and we both got very good luck!